Kaizen Thinking: We continue to implement the culture of continuous improvement

Método Mejora Continua

In the fourth quarter of 2018, we carried out a Lean audit, with the idea of implementing a culture of “Continuous Improvement” within the organization.

In 2019, after analyzing the audit conclusions, we launched the first continuous improvement project applied to our production process. The Lean Manufacturing project for pellet production was a success, and the seed of the Kaizen philosophy took root very strongly among our team.

In March 2021, our management team has received specific training in continuous improvement, approaching the Kaizen office.

Thanks to the training plans supported by the Forestry Agency of Galicia, XERA, we have been able to improve our way of approaching the implementation of the Continuous Improvement methodology applied to an SME, and from the Kaizen Office approach.

Among the students, in addition to staff from Ecowarm, there were staff from Finsa, Luso Finsa, Maderas Goiriz and Xilonor.

Once the training was received, we made progress in the challenge of continuing to improve and since April 2021 we have implemented Daily Kaizen in the production, logistics and process management departments.