15 years of local, ecological and quality heat

At ECOWARM we are European pioneers in the use and transformation of by-products from the wood industry. Our goal? A local biofuel, with renewable origin and the highest quality.

A quality natural product

Pellet is a natural product with cylindrical shape and maximum length of 4 centimeters.

Vagalume Wood Pellet is made from sawdust, shavings and splinters of conifers from Galician sawmills, free of impurities and bark.

Our pellets are made without any type of additive. We use the wood’s own lignin as a natural binder to obtain a product with the best features, no harmful emissions or residues and with high calorific value.

It can be used both for domestic-residential use, in stoves and boilers, and industrial sector, in large heating systems.

Made from high-quality, virgin raw material, our pellets are also suitable for application as animal bedding substrate thanks to the absence of dust and fines, as well as a magnificent absorption capacity.

Highest quality pellets

A product with the best features, no harmful emissions or residues and high calorific value.

Your Closest Energy

Our energy is Zero Kilometer. A great idea for a lifestyle that motivates us daily to preserve our environment.

Chain of Custody: our policy on the consumption of forest material​

Forest certification under the requirements of the FSC®, PEFC and SURE-EU standards are excellent tools to promote forest conservation and the maintenance and improvement of forest biodiversity as well as to guarantee the sustainability of biomass. Besides, the chain of custody certificacion is a key element to guarantee the origin of the raw materials used during the production cycle.

At ECOWARM DE GALICIA S.L. we are aware of the impact our decisions have on the forests from which our activity feed. We are committed with promoting responsible forest management and workers’ rights among our suppliers.

Consequently, the company undertakes to define, implement and maintain the chain of custody requirements as well as to adopt and implement the fundamental labor requirements of FSC/PEFC in its activity and to avoid as much as possible any type of direct or indirect relationship with activities such as:

Therefore, management is committed to ensuring that this Policy is understood and implemented at all levels of the company, and that it is available to all our customers and stakeholders.

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