ECOWARM, sustainable quality

We are committed to local supply, lowest emissions, excellence and the production of the best quality pellet.

PEFC and FSC Certification

Forest Certification, both PEFC and FSC standards, is a mechanism that allows to verify and accredit that the wood used by the industry comes from sustainably managed forests. Ecowarm de Galicia owns both certifications since 2021.

ENplus Certification

This ENplus® quality certification system is based on the international standard ISO 17225-2 which refers to wood pellets. Class A1 represents virgin wood pellets, and by-product of sawmills without chemical treatment, with low ash, nitrogen and chlorine content.

It is the greatest guarantee of quality of the Vagalume product. Since 2013, the company owns both producer and distributor certificates.

SURE Certification

The SURE voluntary certification, developed by REDcert and Bioenergy certifiers, is a technique that allows different agents in the bioenergy sector to demonstrate the sustainability of heat production from biomass and that legal requirements are met.

SURE credits the savings in greenhouse gases (GHG) compared to other fossil fuels.

SDGs Certification

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and future of people around the world.

Our company contributes to the achievement of the SDGs, mainly by developing actions on Gender Equality (5), Affordable and non-polluting Energy (7), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13) and Alliances to achieve the Objectives (17).


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