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European pioneers in the use and transformation of by-products from the wood industry to obtain pellets, a local biofuel of renewable origin.

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We pursue the highest quality in our products since our beginnings. Our production center in Brion (A Coruña) has the most efficient manufacturing technology.

Each year we process 55,000 tons of by-product to obtain 25,000 tons of pellets in our 6,000 m2 facilities.

Our company is present in several countries in Europe, our largest area of influence being the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Our commitment is to local supply, low emissions and excellence. We are 0KM ENERGY.

All our efforts are focused on making the best Premium Quality Pellet: Vagalume Pellets ENplus A1.

Highest quality pellets

A product with the best features, no harmful emissions or residues and high calorific value.

Your Closest Energy

Our energy is Zero Kilometer. A great idea for a lifestyle that motivates us daily to preserve our environment.

Comfort and well-being for your home

Nuestro Vagalume Premium Pellet

Pellet is a natural product with cylindrical shape and maximum length of 4 centimeters.

Vagalume Wood Pellet is made from sawdust, shavings and splinters of conifers from Galician sawmills, free of impurities and bark.

Our pellets are made without any type of additive. We use the wood’s own lignin as a natural binder to obtain a product with the best features, no harmful emissions or residues and with high calorific value.

It can be used both for domestic-residential use, in stoves and boilers, and industrial sector, in large heating systems.

Made from high-quality, virgin raw material, our pellets are also suitable for application as animal bedding substrate thanks to the absence of dust and fines, as well as a magnificent absorption capacity.

Sustainability and SDGs

Our company has the following certifications:

We are also a signatory company of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The best pellets and wood briquettes

Our products


Comfortable 15 kg bags of ENplus A1 certified pellets. The best wood pellets for stoves and small manually loaded boilers.

Saca big bag de pellets de madera Vagalume

Big Bag packaging

Large bags equipped with handles and bottom discharge valve. Different capacities from 1,000 kg to 1,250 kg.


Bulk pellets for pneumatic and mechanical loading silos. Ideal product for tanker truck and tilt trailer transportation. 

ARDEBEN wood briquettes

Densified wood made from by-products of the sawmill industry. 100% natural wood free of any type of glue or binder.


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