Ecowarm, pioneers in voluntarily certifying the sustainability of biomass throughout the value chain

Our company becomes the first Spanish SME to voluntarily certify the sustainability of biomass throughout its entire value chain with the Sure system, after having successfully completed the Sustainable Resources Verification Scheme (Sure) audit. at the beginning of December 2021.

The sustainability criteria included in the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) are only mandatory for plants with more than 20 megawatts (solid biomass) and more than 2 megawatts (gaseous biomass), and seek to guarantee the sustainability of biomass, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency when used to generate energy.

Although it is not mandatory for our business, we consider it a useful tool to certify the sustainability of our pellets as well as the resources with which we make them.

This is how our CEO, Francisco Javier Álvarez, explains it:
“It is the tool we were missing to demonstrate our good practices and offer the customer one more purchase criterion apart from price and technical features: the sustainability factor and the savings in emissions compared to other fuels.”

Associated with this implementation, we have also been certified in PEFC and FSC chain of custody schemes.

In addition, the company has a digital traceability system to calculate the carbon footprint up to the point of consumption. In this way, the user is informed of the benefits of using Vagalume pellets compared to other fuels, knowing the percentage of GHG avoided into the atmosphere.

For the implementation and development we have had the support of the Asefor Forest Certification Consultant